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Hey Everybody,

So it’s come to my attention that I have failed to clarify when I am writing vs. when Bryan is writing which has caused some confusion. This mostly matters in regards to comments about girls being attractive, so please just note that anytime I have referred to a female client as “gorgeous” or “beautiful” it was ME, and NOT Bryan 🙂

I’ve created my own user name to remedy the problem so that you will be able to tell who is writing.

If you are a newcomer to the blog, and missed getting to know us on our old blog Welcome, and I apologize for not introducing myself sooner.

My name is Leah, and I do most of the blogging, emailing, editing, etc. so that Bryan can stay behind the camera and focus on being an artist. We haven’t really thought of a title for me yet, so let me know if you think of anything!

I hope you enjoy your time on our blog and thanks so much for stopping by!

We’ve got a lot going on this week, so stay tuned for two adorable newborns and lots of seniors.


Leah Rupp


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We’ve Moved!

Note: We’ve moved to a new blog: www.bryanruppphotographyblog.com. Feel free to look around here too though for pictures from 2008 – March of 2009. See you soon!

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