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….”You Know Who”
(see the entries in the comment section of this post).
My committee of judges (which may or may not have consisted of my family members living in Idaho) :), were unanimous on this decision.
Everybody had pretty good arguments. I mean, there were some REALLY good reasons: fundraising for a trip to Africa, wanting to give the chocolates to me, a busy nursing student, a reward for weight loss. WOW!!! I want to send 20 boxes of truffles to each of you :). But in the end, I think that you’ll agree about the winning entry.
Anyways, thanks for humoring me everybody. I really had fun with this so I think we’ll do it again soon.
A message for the winner: Dear “you know who”…I do indeed know who you are and will be sending your prize directly to you!

And for tomorrow…maybe I can beg Bryan to come inside from mountain biking long enough to post some preview pictures from last weekends weddings. Feel free to beg and plead along with me. I find whining to be very effective with him. No, I’m just kidding. Actually he’s just taking a much needed day off which I am thrilled about (Thanks for all your hard work Bry).

Thanks so much for being here on this blog. Every little blog view is encouraging to us and hopefully a fun part of your day.
With Love,


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