Okay well, we decided that we just love having a song to on our website too much to not have one.  We think it really adds an element of beauty to have a beautiful song playing while viewing photos.  The song that we have chosen is Gravel Lines, by Amy Seeley.  If you haven’t heard this before I would recommend going to our website www.bryanruppphotography.com and giving it a listen right now.  It is seriously one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.  Another cool thing is that Amy Seeley is local to Portland, and we love supporting local people!

Also I just added a few new images to each of the galleries so head over to our website to check out the song and the new pics!  Also check out some more of Amy Seeley’s songs, she really is an incredible musician.  A couple more of my favorites are: “The Trees Want You Back” and “Carriere”.  They give me what I call “The Tingly Feeling”, which I think is pretty self explanatory, but if you need any clarification let me know:)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening!



We’ve got two weddings that I’m so excited to shoot this upcoming weekend, so I’m doing a lot of preparing and getting some final editing touches on these last few sessions. I thought I would throw a picture up of David and Peter together right quick. In between each of their sessions we took a couple minutes to grab a few pictures of them together and here’s one of my favorites. Well I better continue on with work, but I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!



What do you think?

For a while now we’ve been contemplating putting music onto our website (www.bryanruppphotography.com). What do you think? Music or no music?
We’d love to hear your thoughts.
We had some great meetings with lovely people this evening and got some UPS packages today with a new lens and a back up to our back up camera. Bryan gets excited when the UPS guy knocks….like a kid at Christmas :). I’ll get you some pictures ASAP.

Here are some more pictures of Little Ella. I had fun making this little collage this morning.
Here are just a few more fun ones. Brandon and Michelle came up with some great stuff for captions on the previous post. If anybody else wants to join in and come up with some for this one or any from Part I (scroll down to view), I’ll do a separate post with the pictures and captions so everybody can have a good laugh.
Hope everybody is having a happy Saturday. We are going to spend some quality time with siblings today and try to get Bry to recover from a cold. I guess our wedding season can officially start next weekend since we’ll be traveling to Naomi and Nathaniel’s wedding on Friday and Daniel and Stacy’s on Saturday! We can’t wait!
If you want to see pictures from our First Annual Mardi Gras Ball, check out Bryan’s facebook profile. It might be worth it because he might be wearing a glitter gold hat (love you Bry). You might have to add him as a friend to see them, but I promise he won’t reject you :).
With Love,

Remember this teeny little baby girl, all bundled up?….
Well look at her now! Here is a preview from her six month pictures. And Here and Here you can find pictures of what she looked like as a newborn.
She was really having fun with the flower props.
She was so laid back the whole time and just gave us this cute little half grin.
Look at those amazing curls!
And she still has those pretty dark eyes. She’s giving Bryan the look that says, “I know you’re all dancing around and making funny noises at me, but I’m not sure why.”
She could stand up all by herself when propped up against the wall…
…but preferred to sit and play with her feet. Can you blame her?
We’re so glad Ella has been in the world for 6 whole months and as always, we’re honored to get to document the milestones in her life.
I’ll post more of her soon.
p.s. What do you think is running through her head in the very last picture? She looks pretty thoughtful. If anybody comes up with some captions for any of these, I’ll include them in the next post.

Last month when we ran the poll on which blog header should be featured for the month of February (Click here to see the original poll), Erin and Justin’s photo won, but Chris and Teresa’s came in a close second so we decided to throw it up on the blog for the next month!

Coming up soon we’ve got pictures from a photo shoot with baby Ella this last weekend!  Thanks so much for following along and I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

And because blog posts are better with a picture, here’s a picture of some batteries we just got in.  We’re doing a lot of gearing up for the upcoming wedding season, so we just got new batteries to replace last seasons.  I can’t believe how powerful and quickly these batteries work in our flashes which means that we can capture even more wonderful moments!



Okay, so if you haven’t read the last post the above title is not going to make any sense, so please scroll down and give it a read before you accuse me of being overly dramatic (which I probably am:)).

When I asked Peter what he was looking for from his senior portraits, he told me that he had always been intrigued by the executive portrait. We started off indoors beside the fireplace, a wonderful place for a traditional executive portrait. I was thankful for the large windows letting in natural light so I didn’t even have to use any lighting equipment. We completely tore his parents living room apart, so we could get everything just how we liked it. Tearing rooms apart and moving large pieces of other people’s furniture is something that took me some time to get comfortable with as a photographer, but now it’s pretty much like, if it’s not bolted down, then lets get it out of the way!

Towards the end Peter and I went outside to take advantage of the morning light. I took some ones I really like with him in a field, but I haven’t got around to editing those yet, but maybe I’ll throw some up later.






For the majority of his portraits Peter maintained a very professional and executive look which he pulled off quite well as you can see. But in this picture he’s got a little smirk going on, which I like.

Peter just like his twin brother David, was ultra polite and opened all the doors for me everywhere we went. One thing I really appreciated about both Peter and David is that they had great creative ideas for their senior portraits, but were also great with listening to my ideas, so we were able to work together for the final result. Thanks for the great time Peter and the great ideas as well!