We’ve Moved!

Note: We’ve moved to a new blog: www.bryanruppphotographyblog.com. Feel free to look around here too though for pictures from 2008 – March of 2009. See you soon!


After shooting Naomi and Nathaniel’s wedding last Friday, Leah and I made the trek to Drain, Oregon, the town that Leah grew up in. Saturday we shot Stacy and Daniel’s wedding in the same church that Leah and I were married in! It was really fun not only to shoot Stacy and Daniel’s wedding, but also to be shooting a wedding in the same place that we were married!  It brought back so many great memories of one of the happiest days of my life.  It was fun also to see where we are now and how we have changed.  Marriage has been such a wonderful adventure, largely due to the wonderful person that I have to share it with.

Stacy and Daniel will have many great memories of their wedding day as well!  While the girls were finishing getting ready, Daniel and I struck out to do a few portraits of him and wait for Stacy to come for their private moment.   The majority of the pictures of Daniel are like the second one here where he is laughing and smiling, but I also had to have him do a few serious ones…



Here’s the first moment that they saw each other. You can obviously see the joy on both of their faces.












Their decorations were beautiful and natural.



They had a lot of kids in their wedding which always keeps things very entertaining!




They made their get away by running through a cloud of bubbles! This photo is achieved by using a zoom lens (for this I used the Canon 24-70 2.8L) and zooming in very quickly while shooting at a slow shutter speed (1/60th is what was used here).  I think it gives a really cool effect and I like to use it for shots of the bride and groom leaving, but can yield unique results for all types of photos.


I know this belongs earlier in the post, but I thought it wouldn’t flow quite as well and I’m all about the flow of posts 🙂  Here’s a lovely picture by Leah of Stacy and her mom Athena, putting on Stacy’s grandma’s pearls.


Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your wedding day Stacy and Daniel, we had such a great time capturing all of your memories and beautiful moments! If there is anything in particular that you want to see pictures of from their wedding (or from Naomi and Nathaniel’s), let me know so that I can include them in another blog post.

Happy weekend everyone!


The Yucky Car Feeling

It comes from too much fast food, cramped legs, and freeway fumes. I’m sure you know what i’m talking about.
I’m still recovering from the yucky care feeling, but in the meantime I wanted to jump on here at let you all know that we’re back from our mini vacation (which was awesome). Tonight we’re unpacking, stretching our legs, and walking down the street to eat some Thai food. Wait, I guess we’re still on vacation :).

We’ll get some more wedding pictures posted tomorrow either from Naomi and Nathaniel’s wedding (Part II), or Daniel and Stacy’s (Part I). Let me know if you have a special request for one or the other.

Also, I enjoyed the truffle contest so much that I think I’ll do it again in the next couple of weeks. I’ll get you details when the time comes, but keep it in mind. Some of the entries from last week were so good that I may let you re-enter the same ones. Hmmm…think, think.

I hope you’re having a great Thursday evening and that you’ve noticed how the trees are starting to show signs of new baby leaves. Spring!

This week is Leah and my spring break (One of the benefits of having a spouse that is in school is that you can decide that you also should have a spring break:)), so I’m trying to not do too much work, but I’m so excited about both of the weddings we shot this last weekend that I can’t really help it. There’s so much to say about Naomi and Nathaniel’s wedding, it was so beautiful and so much fun, but for now I’m headed out, so it’ll have to wait until next time. Hope all is so well for everyone and there’s a lot more to come!






{And the Winner is}

….”You Know Who”
(see the entries in the comment section of this post).
My committee of judges (which may or may not have consisted of my family members living in Idaho) :), were unanimous on this decision.
Everybody had pretty good arguments. I mean, there were some REALLY good reasons: fundraising for a trip to Africa, wanting to give the chocolates to me, a busy nursing student, a reward for weight loss. WOW!!! I want to send 20 boxes of truffles to each of you :). But in the end, I think that you’ll agree about the winning entry.
Anyways, thanks for humoring me everybody. I really had fun with this so I think we’ll do it again soon.
A message for the winner: Dear “you know who”…I do indeed know who you are and will be sending your prize directly to you!

And for tomorrow…maybe I can beg Bryan to come inside from mountain biking long enough to post some preview pictures from last weekends weddings. Feel free to beg and plead along with me. I find whining to be very effective with him. No, I’m just kidding. Actually he’s just taking a much needed day off which I am thrilled about (Thanks for all your hard work Bry).

Thanks so much for being here on this blog. Every little blog view is encouraging to us and hopefully a fun part of your day.
With Love,

Winner Coming Soon

Thanks everybody for the fun chocolate contest entries. I’ll have an impartial judge pick the winner and have it up by Tuesday. That means there is still time if somebody wants to add their entry to the comment section on Monday (see the previous post).

We had a great time at the weddings on Friday and Saturday. If this is how all of wedding season is going to be, then bring it on :). Such amazing people and beautiful, touching ceremonies. Can’t wait to show you some pictures
With Love,

Its here everybody! Our wedding season officially starts today and we’re really excited. It’s like Christmas. Are we nerdy or what? I’ve got my black clothes (classy but not frumpy) all laid out on the couch…my camera bag packed, mapquest printed, water bottles stashed in secret places, etc…etc…you get the point 🙂

Anyways, I wanted to do something fun to celebrate for all of you faithful blog readers who have stuck with us during the slow and cloudy winter months. Today I ran across this yummy chocolate company.

So write in the comments and give me your best persuasive argument for why you deserve a box of 12 truffles the most (i.e. you need it to get through the next week at work, your gold fish died, etc.). I’ll have somebody else pick the winner for me so that it’s fair. Check back next week to see if you won cause I’ll need some way to get a hold of you if I don’t know you already. The winner will have a chocolate fix mailed to their home address (or office, or wherever you want).

K, Go!

p.s. I need at least five entries in order for anybody to win…so you might want to bribe your friends :).

p.p.s. We’ll be spring breaking it after shooting Naomi + Nathaniel’s wedding tonight and Dan + Stacy’s tomorrow. However, we’ll still do our best to post some pictures from these awesome weddings. At least a little preview or something.

Once again Leah and I were eagerly awaiting for the UPS man to drop off another package. This time it is our brand new business cards that we had printed by Pinball Publishing. They did such an incredible job and we are so thrilled with how they came out. They are printed with soy ink and onto recycled paper so as to be environmentally friendly. We also chose to have the corners rounded to give them a little bit of a different look. Not only does Pinball do a great job of printing, but they are also local to Portland and very environmentally friendly which are both things that are important to us.  We have been so impressed by our experience with them and are excited to be able to hand out something that we think looks so beautiful.

Today it’s time to get the batteries all charged up and memory cards cleared for this weekends weddings.  We’ve got two that we’re so excited to shoot and just hoping for some lovely weather!  Either way It will be such a great time with two really fun couples and all of their family and friends.